Dear Rob & Chris,

We are writing to you guys to tell you how happy we have been with our Outback Camper Trailer over the past 10 years.

We purchased our Camper Trailer in 2002 and since then we have travelled and explored all sorts of destinations over Australia.  From when we pull up and select a site it only takes us 6 minutes and we have the kettle on.

Where our vehicle goes so does our camper trailer.  We like the off road adventures and sights and we have ventured to various  places including The Bungle Bungles, Walga Rock, the Tanami Track from Halls Creek to Alice Springs going into Wolf Creek Crater, the Buchanan Hwy from Dunmarra to Timber Creek,  the Duncan Hwy from Kununurra to Halls Creek, the Oodnadatta Track from Leigh Creek to Marla, the Holland Track,  the Plenty Hwy from Boulia to Alice Springs,  the Great Central Hwy from Laverton to Ayres Road and vice versa, the Savannah Way from Broome to Cairns including the Gibb River Road, Meekatharra to Carnarvon via Mt Augustus as well as various other short cuts to and froing between towns with knowing you can stop and camp in the bush at any time out in those wide open spaces.

Our camper trailer was our mobile home for 8 years and it certainly has stood the test of time in torrential rain of not just millimetres but inches.  Our sewn floor has had so much water underneath it the feeling was like a water bed to walk on but not one drop of water came inside. 

The canvas has withheld all weather conditions from the heat of the sun in the North West to the frost in Canberra and has been completely dust free.  It has been an incredible surprise to us of how it has withstood all these conditions and now with it having dust stains, bird and bat stains it is very comforting of knowing how good it has been and laying inside listening to the sound of the rain falling just makes it even more cosy.

The paint work has been peppered with gravel and dust, blown a couple of tyres, fractured mud flaps and lost water due to a loose plug.  All our problems have been minor and our sense of adventure has not run out of our veins knowing our trailer with a little regular maintenance will just keep on going.

This unit has done the kilometres, the test in our rugged outback and for those people contemplating on a camper trailer, well get serious, get going, get Outback.

Thanks for your good service and for making such a great camper.

Derek & Pam.

Dear Robert,

We have been camping and looking at camper trailers for years.  Over a 6-year period we hired more than 5 different models before we settled on our OUTBACK CAMPER.  Some had solid floors, others had three way stoves, we trailer both on and off road varieties and various hitches (ball and treg).

We concluded that what we needed was something affordable, light, comfortable and robust.  We also wanted to be able to purchase a trailer that we could have modified should we decide to add features at a later stage.

We nearly settled on a (name deleted) but fortunately decided to look at what was obtainable locally.  We were immediately impressed with what you had to offer.  The canvas is great; as is the flooring (we have seen plenty of tatty flooring!).  Based on what we saw in your showroom, we decided that we had found the camper trailer for us!

What we liked best of all is that you allowed us to customise our trailer to suit our needs e.g. we settled for a larger box on the front to accommodate our Engel and generator.  We also opted not to have a kitchen fitted, as we were not sure what we wanted.  Choosing the colours was fun too.  We chose to have a fitted (important to us as a safety feature) and a rack for our outboard motor.

The construction phase was stress free: we got exactly what we ordered and it was delivered on time and on budget.

We travelled from Perth to Paynes Find along the bitumen then opted for unsealed roads to Wiluna.  On our first night we encountered a severe storm.  It was unexpected and the trailer coped very well with the gale force winds (we had only pegged the annex and had not used a single guy rope!).  Because so much of our gear was outside when the storms struck, it took a full day to dry things out.  Our living areas did not get flooded at all – which was great.

From Wiluna it was across to Gunbarrel Hwy (835 kms of fairly extreme driving due to wide/deep corrugations).  What an experience!  We had 3 flat tires on our ute, but the trailer remained trouble free.  The last section of the Gunbarrel is aptly called the Heather (horror) Hwy.  There we encountered several wrecks of trailers and caravans that had not been tough enough to survive approx 126 kms of sheer driving hell!

From Warburton to Alice Springs was fairly sedate after Gunbarrel.  En route to Alice Springs we had several windy nights, the most extreme being Giles Weather Station.  It was so windy and dusty that we retreated into the annex at about 6 pm and stayed there til morning.  Once again, the trailer coped well with the weather.

From Alice Springs we drove across the northen territory to Camooweal, along the largely un-used Sandover Hwy.  The last stretch of the trip was very rough.  (Urandangi Rd).

Camooweal to Cains via Townsville (Barkly Hwy) was a reasonably easy drive.  We then opted to drive to Cooktown along the coast via Daintree and Cape Tribulation.  Large sections of the road were unsealed and some areas were extremely steep (I was that nervous I almost bailed out of the car at one stage!).  The road was also very narrow and winding.  I was really grateful for the brakes on the trailer!

From Cooktown we travelled to Musgrave Road House via Lakefield National Park.  Once again, the roads were rough – with a good few crossings and some significant corners/bends and corrugations.  The trailer did well!

From Musgrave we returned to Cairns (more corrugations, pot holes, washouts and dust!)  We collected the dog from Mareeba and then travelled along a short cut (mostly unsealed) to Mt Surprise.  We then followed the Savannah Hwy across the Gulf of Karumba.  At Normanton, a reasonably new camper trailer had been dumped on the median strip – yet another causality!  It was reassuring to note that it was not an Outback Camper!  By then the humidity was rising and we had to scamper from Hormanton to Boorroloola (ruined a brand new all terrain tyre with less than 5,000 kms of wear and tear on this stretch – much to Chris’s disgust!).

It was raining in Boorroloola so we chose to stick to the sealed Carpentaria Hwy and travelled to Daly Waters.  We ’out ran’ the weather and were able to get back on the dirt.  Drove across the Buchanan Hwy past Top Springs and Joined the Victoria Hwy at Timber Creek.  It was an interesting drive – the road was not that bad sections were a bit challenging.

It was a hop and a skip from there to Lake Argyle Village (back in WA – hooray!) where an afternoon tropical storm caught us off guard.  It bucketed down!  As we had not secured the tent with guy ropes Chris and I took turns holding the annex poles as the trailer buffeted by the wind.  What an experience!  Boof (dog) was terrified of the thunder, I was not happy with the lightning and Chris thought that the trailer might sustain damage.  When the storm passed there was a brown river flowing meters from where we had set up camp.  Fortunately nothing was damaged and the only water that had entered our living areas had resulted from us opening and closing the main door.

From Argyle, we drove to Broome, then Onslow and finally to just south of Coral Bay.  From there it was a reasonably short trip home to Perth.

We are rapt with our Outback Camper trailer.  It took a real hammering: dust, stone chips, rocks, corrugations, gravel roads, wind, rain, 14,000 kms etc.  It certainly met our expectations.  It was light enough to keep diesel costs at an acceptable level (we estimate that we were getting 9.5 – 10 kms per 100 liters), towing was easy (Chris even let me drive!), setting it up and taking it down was quick and easy, the awning and mat made ‘outdoor’ living great, and it was both comfortable and robust.

Thank you for making our holiday so stress free!  We can only imagine what it would have been like to abandon our trailer (and a lot of our camping gear!) in some remote area – as other unfortunate campers had been forced to do!

Hope you enjoy the photos.


Chris, Moira and Boof.

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