Are You An Outback Camper

If you have a passion for camping and 4wding, then getting an off-road caravan will set you up for the next adventure guaranteed. A top off road caravan will let you explore the best outdoor locations in Australia and you can enjoy the rugged surrounds in comfort.

Our main goal here is here to help every adventure seeking traveller to buy the best off road caravan possible.

 Every Spirited Traveller Needs An Off Road Caravan

Research - Online & Offline

Narrow it down to specific number of manufacturers by researching about each of the caravan manufactuer online. The best way to do this by looking at genuine reviews that are discussed on forums, product review pages, google reviews. If possible, try and speak to buyers who have purchased the caravan you are looking at and ask them about how reliable the caravan is, ease of use, the caravan’s off road capability and comfort, the appliances used in the caravan. It is also very important to find the structural warranty of the caravan and after sales service.

Another great place to look at all the caravans in one lot is visit caravan shows that happens locally within your area. All manufacturers bring their demo vans and display them on these shows. There are shows every year in Victoria, NSW, Perth, Adelaide and other areas. If you need to know more about where the shows are happening, please visit camplify which is a great resource site to know about caravans and campervans. is a great place to research about all manufacturers & dealers throughout Australia.

Book A Viewing

Lastly, After narrowing it down further to a select few , make a booking request from either the manufacturer’s website or just give them a ring and book an appointment to visit their factory about the caravan of your choice.

A Great Buy = Great Trips + Best Outdoor Adventure

Remember, the best off-road caravans are built to last in Australian outdoor conditions, allowing you to set up camp wherever you choose. Off Road Caravans are designed and built for the toughest outback conditions in Australia and offer you the total freedom of going just about everywhere your 4WD can go. With the range of luxury off road caravans out there , you will never be limited to caravan parks and gravel tracks - whether it is a rainforest or a riverbank, the choice is yours.

Buy Australian Made – Buy Quality Over Price

Off Road Caravans Buyers Bible

What Is The Best Advantage Of Buying An Off-Road Caravan

Off Road Caravans will take you any place off-road you want to go, be it the harsh extremes of the Australian Outback to the tough rugged mountains.

Australia is the best place to explore and so if you have got the money and have a passion for travelling in a caravan to awesome off road locations , then simply buy the best because you deserve it.